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  • Should the World Barista Championship also be in Spanish?
    The World Barista Championship (WBC) is one of the most prestigious events in the coffee industry. Not only is the competition a vehicle for innovation in specialty coffee, it also recognises the barista profession on an international level. Each year, more than 50 baristas from around the world take part... Read more »
  • What is mazagran coffee & how do you make it?
    Mazagran is a sweetened cold coffee beverage which is popular in countries such as Algeria (where the drink was invented), Portugal, Spain, and Austria. It’s believed that the origins of mazagran coffee date back to 1840. It was during this time that France invaded and colonised Algeria – a north... Read more »
  • What’s the difference between coffee estates and coffee co-operatives?
    In many coffee-producing countries around the world, there are a number of ways in which farms are operated and managed. Understandably, this has a significant impact on how coffee is processed and sold, as well as the prices that farmers receive. Two of the most widespread coffee farming models are... Read more »
  • Coffee News Recap, 3 Feb: “Huge differences” in caffeine content across major UK coffee chains, combining milk and coffee may have anti-inflammatory effects & other stories
    Every Friday, Perfect Daily Grind rounds up the top coffee industry news from the previous week. Here are this week’s stories. Mon, 30 Jan Registration opens for Specialty Coffee Association’s 2023 Re:co Symposium. The two-day event will include lectures, seminars, sensory experiences, and networking opportunities. This year’s Re:co Symposium will... Read more »
  • Can coffee production in the Amazon be sustainable?
    Brazil is the largest producer of coffee in the world. According to data from the United States Department of Agriculture, it will produce 62.6 million 60kg bags of green coffee in 2022/23.  Coffee grows in a number of states and regions of Brazil, but some of the most well-known include... Read more »
  • How does foreign exchange affect the price of coffee?
    For the most part, both the price of arabica and robusta rely on futures contracts. These are legal agreements to buy or sell a particular commodity at a predetermined price on a set date. However, while the C price and robusta futures are determined by real time transactions of coffee,... Read more »
  • Does grinding frozen coffee damage your grinder?
    In recent years, we have seen an increasing number of specialty coffee shops and roasters freezing roasted coffee beans. There are several reasons for doing so, but the main argument is simple: to preserve freshness for as long as possible. Traditionally, storing roasted coffee in a cool and dry place... Read more »
  • What is the most popular signature coffee drink in China?
    Around the world, many coffee shops lean on unique or signature drinks, which vary from region to region. These specially-crafted beverages can help a coffee business to stand out and drive its brand identity, and often make use of local or seasonal ingredients. As with many other markets, drinks like... Read more »
  • Coffee News Recap, 27 Jan: Proud Mary Coffee to sell Panamanian Gesha for US $150 per cup, PRF El Salvador to host 2023 Salvadoran Barista Championship & other stories
    Every Friday, Perfect Daily Grind rounds up the top coffee industry news from the previous week. Here are this week’s stories. Mon, 23 Jan Australian beverage retailer BWS launches Double Shot drive-thru coffee shop in Devonport, Tasmania. The drive-thru concept store was opened in partnership with owner of Oasis Coffee,... Read more »
  • VideoWhy are YouTube coffee brands becoming more popular?
    When you think of coffee and YouTube, a number of popular content creators – including James Hoffmann and Morgan Eckroth – may come to mind. In some cases, these channels can receive hundreds of thousands of subscribers – showing that there is rising consumer interest in learning more about coffee.... Read more »

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  • Life is Coffee Comics #41
    It Makes Them Sick First and Second Poem © 2022 Life is Coffee The post Life is Coffee Comics #41 appeared first on I Need Coffee.... Read more »
  • How to Brew Vietnamese Iced Coffee
    Vietnamese-style iced coffee (ca phe sua da or cà phê sữa đá) is super easy to make and all you need is a stainless steel filter that costs around $7 USD online. If you live in a city with a Vietnamese grocery store, you will likely find them even cheaper.... Read more »
  • Life is Coffee Comics #40
    Mind Your Own I’m Not a Coffee Snob © 2022 Life is Coffee The post Life is Coffee Comics #40 appeared first on I Need Coffee.... Read more »
  • Vietnamese Iced Coffee Brewing Tutorial by Inanimate Objects
    Resources How to Brew Vietnamese Iced Coffee – INeedCoffee tutorial. More Inanimate Objects – By Todd Zapoli The post Vietnamese Iced Coffee Brewing Tutorial by Inanimate Objects appeared first on I Need Coffee.... Read more »
  • Espresso Carrot Cake Recipe
    This cake recipe captures the essence of autumn and winter. It has spices, carrots, nuts, and a hint of delicious coffee to make this the perfect dessert for coffee drinkers. Ingredients for the Espresso Carrot Cake 2 cups of sugar 2 cups of flour (all-purpose) 2 teaspoons of baking powder... Read more »
  • Life is Coffee Comics #39
    Coffee Talk Try to Cheer Us Up © 2022 Life is Coffee The post Life is Coffee Comics #39 appeared first on I Need Coffee.... Read more »
  • 20 Amazing Facts about Coffee
    I can’t remember the last time I started my day without my daily cup of coffee. I stumble out of bed every morning and drag my body to my coffee maker, brew myself a cup, and then, only then do I really feel alive enough to start my day. So... Read more »
  • 5 Ways to Make Your Coffee Habit More Sustainable
    If you are looking for ideas on how to be more sustainable about your daily coffee habit, read on for five ideas. #1 Use a thermal coffee carafe Many drip coffee makers have warming plates designed to keep coffee warm for hours. What these plates really do is burn your coffee... Read more »
  • Life is Coffee Comics #38
    Guardian Angel Anxiety © 2022 Life is Coffee The post Life is Coffee Comics #38 appeared first on I Need Coffee.... Read more »
  • Buying Your First Home Coffee Roaster
    I started home roasting coffee in June 1998. Since then I’ve used a number of different roasters and methods. I’ll be the first to confess that I haven’t kept up on all the different machines available to home coffee roasters. What I have learned are the most important factors to... Read more »
  • How to Make Coffee Cookies in the Shape of Coffee Beans
    Coffee is a very versatile ingredient and it is also an ideal choice for cooking delicious desserts. Since it is one of the most common breakfast ingredients all over the world, I’m going to show you how to make a fragrant cookie in the shape of a coffee bean. Servings:... Read more »
  • Make Your Own Frappuccinos at Home and Save Money
    Would you like to save a few bucks off your beloved Starbucks Frappuccino®? Here is a step-by-step guide to different ways you can make yours at home. We are going to demonstrate how to make three different flavors: Vanilla, Mocha, and Caramel. The Basics The Frappuccino you buy at Starbucks... Read more »
  • Life is Coffee Comics #37
    Is it You? Imagine You’re on a Beach © 2021 Life is Coffee The post Life is Coffee Comics #37 appeared first on I Need Coffee.... Read more »
  • The History of Instant Coffee
    We all have seen and possibly used instant coffee sometime in our life, but have you ever wondered where this dark, mysterious, water-soluble powder gained its popularity? Some might snub their noses at it today, but it has proved to us in the past that it is always ready when... Read more »

    Coffee Review

  • Warm Your Bones With 10 Ski Country Coffees
    While the sun is finally peeking through the clouds in our home base of Berkeley, California, much of the U.S. is still blanketed in snow. If you’re trying to dig out of your driveway to go to work, that’s a bummer, but if you’re getting ready to hit the slopes,... Read more »
  • 2023 Preview: Coffee Trends, Controversies and Change
    What is trending in the specialty coffee world for 2023? What will be 2023’s major controversies or issues? Which origin countries or regions should Coffee Review look in on? Every December brings a round of often intense debate and speculation as we at Coffee Review exchange emails and bang heads... Read more »
  • 2023 Editorial Calendar Now Available
    Early each month, we publish a tasting report with reviews. The editorial calendar for 2023 tasting reports is now available. The schedule is subject to change. We encourage professional roasters to submit coffees that meet the criteria for each report. The window during which we accept coffees for these review... Read more »
  • Everything But the Beans: Coffee Gear Gifting Guide for the Holidays
      If Black Friday passed you by, black coffee can save the day, as both fuel and theme for holiday gift shopping. Besides all of the splendid coffees reviewed here, the unprecedented boom in new coffee brewing tools and accessories entering the market over the past couple of years has... Read more »
  • An In-Depth Look at the Top 30 Coffees of 2022
    In 2022, Coffee Review blind-tasted more than 2,500 samples from leading roasting companies and coffee producers, 530 of which we reviewed on www.coffeereview.com. The Top 30 Coffees of 2022 represents a further selection: a ranking of the 30 most exciting of these coffees. This year’s list represents the 10th year... Read more »
  • Shop for the Top 30 Coffees of 2022
    Coffee Review‘s mission is to help consumers find superior quality coffees and, in the process, help recognize and reward the farmers and roasters who produce those superior quality coffees.  Many of our readers seek out highly rated coffees for their own enjoyment or as thoughtful gifts for coffee lovers.  Coffees... Read more »
  • Celebrating Traditional Excellence: Classic Coffees from Central America
    For many North Americans, the classic coffees of Central America constitute the essential experience of fine coffee. Until relatively recently, wet-processed or washed coffees from traditional tree varieties produced by a string of Central American countries — Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama –  typically appeared near the... Read more »
  • Top 30 Countdown Begins November 18
    Since 2013, Coffee Review editors have published an annual list of the year’s Top 30 Coffees, ranking the most exciting coffees from the thousands we cupped over the course of the year.  Each year, we rank the 30 most exciting coffees and espressos based on quality (represented by overall Coffee... Read more »
  • Classic Origins, Mission-Driven Companies: 9 Roasters New to Coffee Review
      Our monthly reports are a bit like a coffee grab bag — we never know what kinds of submissions we’re going to receive, but we always get some surprises that steer the month’s given theme in specific directions. And that’s really the point with our reports: to pose a... Read more »
  • Mexico Coffee: Processing Innovation, Cooperatives, and the Tradition of Collaboration
      While Mexico is somewhat under the radar when compared to more popular coffee origins, the country has been producing coffee since the late 18th century, and given recent developments, may well be poised to become a model for coffee production in the 21st century. In this month’s report, we... Read more »

    Barista Magazine Online

  • Understanding the Process: Carbonic Maceration
    Continuing our series on coffee processing, we learn about carbonic maceration—a unique, newer processing method. BY TANYA NANETTISENIOR ONLINE CORRESPONDENT Photos courtesy of Cafe Imports Editor’s note: Check out more entries in our “Understanding the [...] The post Understanding the Process: Carbonic Maceration appeared first on Barista Magazine Online.... Read more »
  • María Andrée Is Honing Olfactory Skills in Antigua 
    A sensorial class in Guatemala at Artista de Café teaches how to use your nose for the ultimate coffee experience. BY JORDAN BUCHANANBARISTA MAGAZINE ONLINE Photos courtesy of Arista de Café Walking into a specialty [...] The post María Andrée Is Honing Olfactory Skills in Antigua  appeared first on Barista... Read more »
  • U.S. Coffee Championships 2023 Baltimore Qualifiers Results
    More than 100 competitors brought their talent to Baltimore to take part in six competitions, and 63 will progress to nationals in April. BY NATE KLOCKBARISTA MAGAZINE ONLINE Photos by Matthew Temple courtesy of the [...] The post U.S. Coffee Championships 2023 Baltimore Qualifiers Results appeared first on Barista Magazine... Read more »
  • In Tbilisi, Parsek1 Merges Comic Books with Specialty Coffee
    We take a look at how this innovative café has changed the face of comics and coffee in the capital of Georgia. BY VASILEIA FANARIOTISENIOR ONLINE CORRESPONDENT Photos courtesy of Parsek1 When it comes to [...] The post In Tbilisi, Parsek1 Merges Comic Books with Specialty Coffee appeared first on... Read more »
  • Brewing at Home and on the Road With Diego Campos
    We talk to the first Colombian World Barista Champion and Diamante Coffee Farm founder Diego Campos about his brewing habits. BY TANYA NANETTISENIOR ONLINE CORRESPONDENT Photos courtesy of Diego Campos The focal point of a [...] The post Brewing at Home and on the Road With Diego Campos appeared first... Read more »
  • Out Now: The February + March 2023 Issue
    The February + March 2023 issue of Barista Magazine features New Zealand coffee & chef champion Sam Low on the cover. Also inside: a special section on branding, understanding trademark law, an interview with Laura [...] The post Out Now: The February + March 2023 Issue appeared first on Barista... Read more »
  • Joven and Atucún Join Forces to Empower Young Farmers
    The two brands have collaborated to create a unique coffee bar and support young farmers in the coffee and cacao industries. BY VASILEIA FANARIOTISENIOR ONLINE CORRESPONDENT Photos courtesy of Joven Coffee  For their first-of-its-kind bar, [...] The post Joven and Atucún Join Forces to Empower Young Farmers appeared first on... Read more »
  • The Barista League Releases New Competition Calendar
    Presenter of sustainable, accessible events, The Barista League plans to hold 12 competitions in 10 countries in the months ahead. BY J. MARIE CARLANBARISTA MAGAZINE ONLINE Photos courtesy of The Barista League The Barista League [...] The post The Barista League Releases New Competition Calendar appeared first on Barista Magazine... Read more »
  • An In-Depth Look at Gruppo Cimbali’s Coffee Technician Wheel
    The Coffee Technician Wheel is a new tool that helps technicians understand the complexity of coffee extraction. BY VASILEIA FANARIOTISENIOR ONLINE CORRESPONDENT Photos courtesy of Edgardo Ferrero and Espresso Academy Coffee technicians are responsible for [...] The post An In-Depth Look at Gruppo Cimbali’s Coffee Technician Wheel appeared first on... Read more »
  • Understanding the Process: Anaerobic Processing
    We continue our series on fermentation with a look at the anaerobic process, which has quickly become a favorite in cafés worldwide. BY TANYA NANETTISENIOR ONLINE CORRESPONDENT Photos courtesy of Bram de Hoog for Ally [...] The post Understanding the Process: Anaerobic Processing appeared first on Barista Magazine Online.... Read more »

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  • 7 Best Energy Drinks at Starbucks in 2023: Ranked & Reviewed!
    Starbucks energy drinks are great if you need a quick energy boost, and they have much to offer besides coffee. However, with so many options, many people need help finding the perfect drink. If this sounds like your situation, keep reading as we list several of the best energy drinks... Read more »
  • 10 Best Teas at Dutch Bros in 2023: Ranked & Reviewed!
    When you hear the name Dutch Bros, you instantly think of coffee. While they serve great coffee and amazing coffee beverages, the Dutch Bros tea menu is something you need to see to believe. If you’re in the mood for a great taste, less caffeine than coffee, and something new,... Read more »
  • 10 Best Dutch Bros Freeze Flavors in 2023: Ranked & Reviewed!
    If you’ve never traveled west of the Mississippi River, you might not know about Dutch Bros, the western competitor of Starbucks. Like any typical coffee shop, you’ll find the obligatory latte and cold brew on the menu, but interestingly, Dutch Bros doesn’t bother with brewed coffee or many food items.... Read more »
  • 19 Best Dutch Bros Lemonades in 2023: Ranked & Reviewed!
    While it is best known for its coffee, Dutch Bros has an impressive range of lemonades on offer. You can even make your own creation using any of the brand’s syrups. You can add a dash of tea, an extra drizzle of syrup in or on the drink, and can... Read more »
  • What Is Monkey Coffee? Disturbing Facts About This Rare Animal Coffee!
    The name Monkey Poop Coffee is enough to leave even the biggest coffee enthusiast shaking their head. For those who aren’t coffee drinkers, you can only imagine the grimace on their faces at the idea of drinking a coffee of this name. Can we blame them? While most coffee lovers... Read more »
  • What Is Black Ivory Coffee? Elephant Poop Coffee Ethics, Price & More!
    For coffee fans looking for a unique and exotic coffee experience, look no further than Black Ivory Coffee. As one of the most expensive coffees in the world, Black Ivory Coffee is made from beans that have been digested and processed by elephants. Yes, you read that right: it’s elephant... Read more »
  • What Is Bird Poop Coffee? Is It Ethical?
    There are a variety of weird and wonderful coffees in the world, but the strangest and most intriguing type is poop coffee. While some may immediately turn up their nose, others are hooked. One of the poop coffees to hit the market is bird poop coffee, which comes from the... Read more »
  • How Much Caffeine is in Mello Yello Soda? (2023 Detailed Breakdown!)
    Mello Yello is a soft drink created by The Coca-Cola Company in 1979 and produced by them since. Mello Yello was created as Coca-Cola’s answer to PepsiCo’s Mountain Dew. Mountain Dew is known for being highly caffeinated, but how does Mello Yello compare? Next to Mountain Dew, Mello Yello is... Read more »
  • Does Dutch Bros Have Boba Tea? How to Order!
    Dutch Bros Coffee is a popular coffee chain with friendly service and amazing coffee drinks. It was started by two brothers in 1992 as a pushcart along the railroad tracks of Grant’s Pass, Oregon, and has since grown to occupy 11 states and counting. One of the best-loved drinks Dutch... Read more »
  • How Much Caffeine Is in Diet Dr Pepper? (2023 Detailed Breakdown!)
    Despite the many different variations of the 23 flavors in Dr Pepper, the caffeine amount stays relatively consistent. There are 44.1 milligrams of caffeine per 12-ounce can of Diet Dr Pepper, compared to a comparable 42.6 milligrams in a regular Dr Pepper. The biggest differences in the formulas come down... Read more »

    Blog – Joe's Garage Coffee

  • 11 Most Popular Coffee Flavors
    Do you want to diversify your brand with the most popular coffee flavors? You’re sure to please others by having these everyday or seasonal choices in your inventory. 1. French Vanilla  French vanilla is a classic coffee flavor that offers a subtle and pleasing taste. Its aromatic touch enhances decaf... Read more »
  • How to Create a Mission Statement for Your Coffee Brand
    While jumpstarting a coffee business, many entrepreneurs overlook the importance of developing their coffee brand mission. This statement helps build brand awareness to make a company memorable. Using the right words can also transform a viewer into a happy, lifelong customer.  What Is a Mission Statement? A mission statement provides... Read more »
  • How Long Does Coffee Last?
    When stored in the right conditions, dry and packaged coffee beans offer great shelf stability. On the other hand, coffee past an expiration date or stored improperly may lose freshness and flavor. Learn how long coffee lasts with these timelines and relevant factors to keep in mind.  A Timeline for... Read more »
  • How Much Caffeine Is in a Cup of Coffee?
    When trying to stock your online shop or at-home inventory, supplying different coffees accommodates different shoppers who want minimal or generous portions of caffeine. Learn how much caffeine is in a cup of coffee based on the type of bean and several other factors. Different Levels of Caffeine in Coffee... Read more »
  • The Supply Chain of the Coffee Bean
    About 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide every day. Before the coffee beans reach your morning cup, they go through a complex process in the coffee supply chain. Learn how this well-favored beverage packed with energy gets made from start to finish. The Supply Chain of Coffee It takes... Read more »
  • Are Espresso and Coffee Beans the Same?
    When buying your coffee, you may see a label for espresso beans. This term simply refers to how you brew the coffee and has nothing to do with the beans or roasting process. Learn the differences between espresso and coffee to explore your different flavor options. What Is Espresso? If... Read more »
  • What Is Co-Packing?
    Investing in the infrastructure you need to scale production is a costly venture. Yet, to grow your private label coffee brand and get your products into your customer’s hands, you’ll need a little extra oomph to boost your production process. That’s where a co-packer comes in handy. When you work... Read more »
  • Types of Coffee Pods: What Products Should Your Coffee Business Offer?
    Are you looking for ways to enhance your coffee brand? Consider incorporating some coffee pods into your product selection. Learn about the types of coffee pods Joe’s Garage Coffee offers and the pros and cons of each one. Types of Coffee Pods Your Business Can Offer To begin, here are... Read more »
  • The Best Coffee Supplements and Vitamins for Your Coffee Brand
    Are you looking for ways to improve the health benefits of your coffee brand’s products? You might consider adding supplements and vitamins to your brew to increase your coffee’s energy boost, targeting health-conscious customers and coffee lovers alike to potentially drive up your brand’s sales.  With this handy guide to... Read more »
  • Coffee Trends to Watch in 2022
    The coffee industry is continuously evolving. Coffee lovers and manufacturers find new ways to consume and sell this popular beverage all the time. New ideas spur new trends every year, and it can be challenging to keep up with what’s popular. Knowing about coffee trends can help you have a... Read more »

    Royal Coffee

  • 50 lb Royal Gem Q&A + FAQs
    Recently, Royal Coffee’s Director of Business Development, Richard Sandlin, caught up with Sprudge to discuss our newest line of boxed green coffees, the 50 lb Royal Gem. Here’s is the Q&A and FAQ for the new product line.  Can you tell me a little bit about the conceit behind Royal... Read more »
  • Watermelon Bloody Meri — Assume Nothing!
    by MJ Smith “Assume Nothing!” A mantra for The Crown as we worked towards opening our doors in March of 2019, the phrase became a Menu section, encouraging our visitors to drop their preconceptions and be open to new and delicious experiences. And now it’s the title of a recipe... Read more »
  • Na-groni Sparkling Shrub — Assume Nothing!
    by Grace Newcomb “Assume Nothing!” A mantra for The Crown as we worked towards opening our doors in March of 2019, the phrase became a Menu section, encouraging our visitors to drop their preconceptions and be open to new and delicious experiences. And now it’s the title of a recipe... Read more »
  • JM3K — Assume Nothing!
    by Dion Wan  “Assume Nothing!” A mantra for The Crown as we worked towards opening our doors in March of 2019, the phrase became a Menu section, encouraging our visitors to drop their preconceptions and be open to new and delicious experiences. And now it’s the title of a recipe... Read more »
  • Roasting for Creation or Destruction
    “It’s up to you to decide whether you want to roast for creation or destruction” Lately, I’ve been speaking with my roasting students in the big-picture mode about their superpowers. Roasting is often spoken of in esoteric chemical terms or couched in industry-specific language that can sometimes alienate newcomers. To... Read more »
  • The 2022 Crown Jewel Year In Review
    We’d like to give our sincere thanks to our Crown Jewel customers. With your support, we’re able to continue to explore the boundaries of specialty coffee and highlight innovative producers around the globe. Here’s a look back at the year in Crown Jewels: We released 48 Crown Jewels from 17... Read more »
  • Coming in Hot! Co-fermented Coffees as Espresso
    By Isabella Vitaliano, Lab & Education Coordinator Edwin Noreña is an agro-industrial engineer, biotechnologist, and coffee producer based in Colombia. It’s an impressive list of attributes and the coffees he produces follow suit. His strict academic background is contrasted with his trailblazing processing technique: co-fermentation. Co-fermentation is largely considered an... Read more »
  • A look at our Rwanda lineup
    By Chris Kornman and Charlie Habegger.  There’s something very reassuring about landed coffees in season. Last year’s shipments from Rwanda didn’t arrive until late spring of 2022, fully a year after their harvest. This year, the story is different. Of our Oakland-bound coffees from the recent harvest, we’ve already landed two... Read more »
  • 2023 Freight Outlook
    Royal Coffee’s Inbound Traffic Specialist, Jodi Louws, shares her thoughts on market forces that will affect shipping costs in 2023.  TLDR; Shipping costs are not back to pre-pandemic lows, and we do not expect them to be. Freight rates are improving, but not “plunging”, and low East –West rates are... Read more »
  • The Crown Gallery Artist Interviews: Calixto Robles
    The Crown seeks to give exposure to local and international artists through The Crown Gallery, and hosts new artists every four months. The Crown Gallery is currently accepting submissions for the Summer of 2023, and is seeking artists who approach issues related to environmental sustainability, intersectionality, the City of Oakland,... Read more »

    Specialty Coffee Blog – Pull & Pour

  • Coffee Brewing Ratio Guide – Free Download
    How many grams of water do I use when brewing 24g at a 1:16 ratio? Even if I’ve brewed it... The post Coffee Brewing Ratio Guide – Free Download appeared first on Specialty Coffee Blog - Pull & Pour.... Read more »
  • Wush Wush Ethiopia – LAMILL
    Over the past week or two, I’ve been enjoying a diverse lineup of coffees from Los Angeles roaster, LAMILL Coffee.... The post Wush Wush Ethiopia – LAMILL appeared first on Specialty Coffee Blog - Pull & Pour.... Read more »
  • Hawaii Ka‘ū Tropical Punch Washed – Paradise Coffee Roasters
    Most Hawaiian coffee I’ve tried has been overpriced, gimmicky and overroasted. When you find quality Hawaiian coffee though, it truly... The post Hawaii Ka‘ū Tropical Punch Washed – Paradise Coffee Roasters appeared first on Specialty Coffee Blog - Pull & Pour.... Read more »
  • A Simple Explanation of Pour Over Coffee to Water Ratios
    One of the most confusing aspects, when you start brewing pour over coffee at home, is the coffee-to-water ratio. How much coffee to use and how much water to pour over it can be confusing, but can also have a big impact on the final cup of coffee you brew.... Read more »
  • The Ultimate Collection of Coffee Beers
    Two of the things I love most in this world are specialty coffee and craft beer, so it is no... The post The Ultimate Collection of Coffee Beers appeared first on Specialty Coffee Blog - Pull & Pour.... Read more »
  • Pull & Pour’s Top 15 Coffees from 2022
    2022 has been an amazing year for coffee. I easily tried around 400 coffees throughout the year and featured many... The post Pull & Pour’s Top 15 Coffees from 2022 appeared first on Specialty Coffee Blog - Pull & Pour.... Read more »
  • Ethiopia Sidama Basha Bekele – Applied Arts Coffee
    I featured a review of a delicious PNG coffee from Applied Arts Coffee two weeks ago and I’m very excited... The post Ethiopia Sidama Basha Bekele – Applied Arts Coffee appeared first on Specialty Coffee Blog - Pull & Pour.... Read more »
  • Pull & Pour Special Release 004 – Yemen NYCA #2288
    On August 31 on this year, the Mokha Institute put on the first-ever National Yemen Coffee Auction. I had a... The post Pull & Pour Special Release 004 – Yemen NYCA #2288 appeared first on Specialty Coffee Blog - Pull & Pour.... Read more »
  • Satsuma Culturing – Immigrant Culture Coffee
    Immigrant Coffee is based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, and is run by Maurizio Frattini. Maurizio takes incredible pride in... The post Satsuma Culturing – Immigrant Culture Coffee appeared first on Specialty Coffee Blog - Pull & Pour.... Read more »
  • Papua New Guinea Wahgi Valley – Applied Arts Coffee
    Applied Arts Coffee is a roaster currently based in Portland, Oregon, but will be opening a cafe in New Orleans... The post Papua New Guinea Wahgi Valley – Applied Arts Coffee appeared first on Specialty Coffee Blog - Pull & Pour.... Read more »
  • Optimist Light Roast – Lifeboost Coffee
    All of Lifeboost coffees are organic, single origin, and grown using sustainable farming methods in the mountains of Nicaragua. They... The post Optimist Light Roast – Lifeboost Coffee appeared first on Specialty Coffee Blog - Pull & Pour.... Read more »
  • Announcing the Pull & Pour Shop
    I couldn’t be more excited to announce the launch of the Pull & Pour shop. It’s full of a (growing)... The post Announcing the Pull & Pour Shop appeared first on Specialty Coffee Blog - Pull & Pour.... Read more »

    Hayman Coffee - Hayman Coffee Blog

  • What Are the Best Coffee Beans For Cold Brew?
    For some reason, it is often assumed that making cold brew coffee means being able to settle for lower-quality beans. This is due to the longer and slower extraction process, but you really don’t need the best coffee beans in the world to make great cold-brew coffee. But is there... Read more »
  • Does Coffee Bean Quality Influence Caffeine Content?
    Here’s a question – does the quality of a coffee bean influence its caffeine content? With gourmet coffee like Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans, are you naturally looking at a higher or lower caffeine content, simply due to the quality of the beans? There are several factors that can affect... Read more »
  • Hawaiian Coffee: Are Darker Roasts Higher in Caffeine?
    You’ve received a handful of online gift cards once again, and decided to treat yourself to something special. The bag of the best Kona coffee beans money can buy that’s been catching your eye for some time is now within reach, along with a selection of other varieties of gourmet... Read more »
  • A Brief Keurig K-Cup FAQ: Key Questions Answered
    Owning a Keurig K Cup coffee maker can be an absolute joy. From everyday supermarket staples to the best Kona coffee Hawaii produces, it’s all available in convenient K Cup form. Even so, getting the most out of your Keurig single serve coffee maker means getting to know how the... Read more »
  • When Did You Last (Properly) Clean Your Keurig Machine?
    One of the biggest benefits of owning a Keurig K Cup coffee maker is the way in which it practically takes care of itself.  All you have to do is pop a K Cup pod into the holder and hit the button – the rest is all down to the machine. Unfortunately, this kind... Read more »
  • Creative Ways to Reuse Keurig K Cups
    The only thing better than recycling your old Keurig coffee maker’s K Cups is putting them to some kind of practical use yourself.  Recycling household waste is fantastic, but is nonetheless an energy-hungry and resource-intensive process in its own right. Hence, anything you can...  More... Read more »
  • Why Insulated Mugs Are the Ultimate Coffee Gifts
    As far as coffee presents go, few are better received than coffee gift baskets.  After all, what could be better than a whole bunch of coffee gifts combined into one thoughtful bundle? In terms of what to throw into your coffee gift baskets, there’s no shortage of options to explore.... Read more »
  • Electronic Gift Cards and Other Coffee Gift Ideas
    Struggling to come up with the perfect gift idea for the coffee lover in your life?  Wondering what to give a coffee connoisseur who already seems to have everything? Gifts that combine practicality with genuine bought and sentiments are not always to come by. But if you think just a... Read more »
  • Panama Geisha Coffee Beans: To Freeze or Not to Freeze?
    Deals and discounts on Panama Geisha coffee beans are rare, to say the least.  Precisely why Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be the best times of all to set your sights on a bargain. Even so, taking full advantage of the very best Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday... Read more »
  • Buying Premium Coffee Beans this Black Friday?
    Black Friday deals on gourmet coffee are always irresistible. The same can also be said for Cyber Monday deals, when some of the best coffees money can buy are temporarily slashed in price. From Panama Geisha coffee beans to Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee to Hawaiian Kona coffee, there’s no better... Read more »
  • Four Reasons to Treat Yourself to a Keurig K Cup Coffee Maker
    Traditionally, using any kind of single serve coffee maker at home has been something of a taboo subject. What with the difficulties involved in recycling when using K Cup pods, it was far from the most eco-friendly approach to brewing coffee. Today, it’s an entirely different story. With a near-endless... Read more »
  • Five Ways to Reuse Your Old K Cup Coffee Grounds
    Research suggests that almost 85% of adults in the USA drink coffee on a regular basis. Even so, the vast majority simply toss out their used coffee grounds, without a second thought. Whether using a classic drip coffee pot or the latest Keurig K Cup coffee maker, you could be... Read more »
  • Do Keurig K Cup Pods Have a Limited Shelf Life?
    Most people would admit to being somewhat skeptical where expiry dates are concerned. We know they exist and we always take them into account, but we ultimately make our own decisions where expired products are concerned. After all, it is not usually difficult to detect an everyday household staple that... Read more »
  • Why Virtual Gift Cards Are More Thoughtful
    The stigma surrounding gift cards and virtual gift cards is longstanding, to say the least. Not to mention, completely and utterly misplaced. To assume that virtual gift cards convey a lack of thought and sentiment is to miss the mark entirely. After all, which is best – a virtual gift... Read more »


  • The Most Beloved Expensive Coffee Makers Products, According to Reviewers
    Often or not, we crave a luxurious cup of coffee. Though, sometimes the best way to attain the best coffee is through a coffee maker or espresso machine. Likewise, not all coffee machines are the same. Most of them are for use at home while others are perfect for industrial... Read more »
  • Keurig K Supreme vs K Supreme Plus Review
    With the debut of their new MultiStream Technology, Keurig is kicking off 2022 on a high note. Not only do two of Keurig’s newest models, Keurig K Supreme vs K Supreme Plus, but they also have a slew of other features that will help you create the perfect cup of... Read more »
  • Best Stumptown Coffee in 2022
    Are you a coffee lover who can’t get enough of different coffee brands and flavors? Or perhaps, you are a starter who still can’t find a coffee brand to stick to? Or maybe, you are one of the die-hard fans of Stumptown who would like to learn more about other products.... Read more »
  • What Exactly Is a Spanish Latte?
    When you hear the word “Spanish latte”, you might think that this type of coffee is the type of latte you often buy in ordinary coffee shops. This drink seems to have originated in Spain, but it has become so popular that you can enjoy drinking it all over the... Read more »
  • Video17 Most Extraordinary Coffee Shops You Can’t Stop Admiring
    All of us have grown accustomed to our regular coffee shops. To put it simply, they’re the places where you go get yourself a cup of coffee. Besides that, the other main attraction of every café is also the atmosphere such as the interior design or extraordinary sights. From New... Read more »
  • Top Flavorous Summer Coffee Drinks To Freshen Up The Hot Weather
    As the weather gets hot, we often think of a cup of iced coffee that is cold to cool down our body immediately. Coffee was also used as a medicine to treat patients around the 11th century. The name of coffee comes from the Ethiopian name ‘kappa’, which means power.... Read more »
  • How Does Coffee Affect Menopause?
    Coffee Can Worsen Hot Flashes and Else to Menopausal Women Many studies have been conducted on the advantages and disadvantages of coffee. It was analyzed that drinking too much coffee causes insomnia, becomes irritable, and has side effects such as increased anxiety. Conversely, some other studies have shown that intake... Read more »
  • 10 Signs You Might Be A Coffee Connoisseur
    Before getting into the article, you might wonder what exactly is a ‘connoisseur’. Sounds french and fancy, must have been a good thing, right? Exactly right! Because if anything, drinking coffee everyday in every way has turned me into an absolute coffee expert or as we say, coffee connoisseur. If... Read more »
  • Is Fair Trade Coffee Really A Thing?
    Coffee can be considered an important part of everyday life, it works as an energy boosting mechanism for people out there. Some people function on this unique drink. It is the significant part of our daily life that not many of us may pause to think about the elements and... Read more »
  • Best Caribou Coffee in 2023
    All coffee lovers have their favourite coffee brand. And Caribou coffee drinks feature as one of the top considerations for gourmet coffee in the industry. With the slogan “Life is short, stay awake for it”, the company provides premium quality coffees to the consumers. What is amazing is that it... Read more »

    The Coffee Wave

  • French Press vs Pour Over Coffee: Which One Is Better?
    We all know the feeling. You wake up groggy and in desperate need of caffeine. You make your way to the kitchen, start a pot of coffee, and wait. And wait. Finally, you have a cup of joe that’s been sitting on the burner for too long. It’s time to... Read more »
  • Can You Make Espresso Without A Machine? 3 Ways to Do It!
    We know that making espresso at home is possible, but not always worth it. With the typical machine being so expensive and complicated to operate, why bother? But then again, we’ve all had those mornings where you’re exhausted and just need a good cup of coffee before tackling your day.... Read more »
  • Espresso Beans vs Coffee Beans: 6 Key Differences
    Are you a coffee lover? Do you enjoy the taste and smell of a freshly brewed cup of coffee? If so, have you ever given much thought to the different types of beans that are used to make coffee? Most people don’t realize there is a big difference between espresso... Read more »
  • The Ultimate Guide to French Press Sizes
    When it comes to finding the perfect french press, for me, size definitely matters. But with so many different sizes on the market, it can be tricky to know which one is right for you. That’s why I’ve put together this ultimate guide to french press sizes. I’ll cover the... Read more »
  • Iced Espresso vs Iced Coffee: 4 Differences And Recipe!
    When the weather heats up, there’s nothing like a refreshing cold drink to cool down. And for coffee lovers, there are two popular choices: iced espresso or iced coffee. So what are the differences? The main difference between iced coffee and iced espresso is the way its coffee is brewed.... Read more »
  • How to Clean a Moka Pot? Easy and Quick Methods!
    Moka Pots are a simple and classic way to make coffee. However, they can be challenging to clean if not done correctly. This blog post will discuss two easy and quick methods for cleaning a Moka Pot. So, whether you’re a beginner or an expert Moka Pot user, these tips... Read more »
  • The Complete Guide to Moka Pot Grind Size
    Whether you're a beginner or an expert, this guide has everything you need to know about Moka Pot grind size. So why not give it a try? You may be surprised at just how good your coffee can taste!... Read more »
  • Espresso vs Drip Coffee: All The Differences Explained!
    Do you love the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning? Do you enjoy the taste of a strong cup of espresso? Or maybe you prefer a milder drip coffee? Whichever type of coffee drinker you are, you’re probably wondering what the differences between espresso and drip coffee are.... Read more »
  • Why Use A Bottomless Portafilter For Espresso Coffee?
    So you got a brand new espresso machine and you’re feeling pretty confident about your espresso-making skills. You’ve watched a few YouTube videos, read a few articles (like this one), and you’re feeling pretty good about yourself. But then you realize that there’s one more thing you need before you... Read more »
  • Breville vs Gaggia: Battle Of Espresso Machines!
    When it comes to high-quality, built-in espresso machines, there are two top brands that reign supreme: Gaggia and Breville.  Both of these companies are known for their superior engineering and advanced technology, and they both offer a range of excellent models to choose from.  The Gaggia Classic is perhaps the... Read more »

    Your Dream Coffee

  • Almond Milk Cappuccino: A 5-Minute Recipe You Need to Try
    Have you ever wanted to make a cappuccino but didn't have any milk? Or maybe you don't like dairy milk? Well, I've got the perfect solution for you: almond milk cappuccino! This recipe is super easy to follow and only takes about five minutes to make. Made with just a... Read more »
  • Starbucks Birthday Drink: Here’s How to Get Yours in 2023!
    For many people, Starbucks is a once-in-a-while expense reserved for special occasions, particularly for those on a budget. Your birthday can be a great time to treat yourself to your favorite Starbucks drink, especially if it’s free. So, how do you get your Starbucks birthday drink? You can get your... Read more »
  • ​​Nespresso Vertuo vs. Original: Which Is the Best Buy?
    I love starting my mornings with my Nespresso coffee machine, but although I've got a machine from the brand's Original line, I've recently been experimenting with the Vertuo machine. If you're like me, you might wonder if you should make the switch to one of those instead. In the Nespresso... Read more »
  • Mocha Macchiato: What Is It & How Do You Make It at Home?
    Mocha macchiato is a coffee lover's dream come true. It's a delicious blend of espresso and chocolate, with just the right amount of milk to froth to perfection. If you've never had one before, now is the time to learn how to make this classic drink at home. You'll be... Read more »
  • Starbucks Cup Sizes and Names: Everything You Need to Know
    Starbucks is the largest coffeehouse chain, with over 33,000 stores worldwide. We all know that Starbucks offers a range of delicious drinks, but do you know everything about its cup sizes and names? The main Starbucks cup sizes are Tall (12 fl oz or 355 ml), Grande (16 fl oz... Read more »
  • Do Coffee Pods Expire? Everything You Need to Know (2023)
    Most coffee pods usually have an expiration date or best-before date conveniently printed on the capsule itself, packaging box, or pouch. Their shelf life spans from a few months to a year, depending on how well they are packed and stored. So do coffee pods expire? Coffee pods do expire,... Read more »
  • Almond Milk Cold Brew: What Is It & How Do You Make It?
    Cold brew coffee is all the rage these days, and for good reason – it's delicious! But have you ever tried almond milk cold brew? If not, you're in for a treat. This refreshing drink is perfect for days when you need something icy and caffeinated to get you going.... Read more »
  • Starbucks Free Refills 2023: What Is It & How Does It Work?
    We all love Starbucks because they have decent coffee, offer a nice place to work or hang out, and even provide free refills. Wait, what? Does Starbucks offer free refills? Starbucks free refills are part of the Starbucks Rewards program that allows its members free and unlimited Starbucks refills at... Read more »
  • The Best Coffee Filters in 2023 (For High-Quality Coffee)
    The filter you use to brew your coffee dramatically impacts its taste and quality. Most modern coffee makers require some sort of filter. So what are the best coffee filters in ? The best overall coffee filter of is the RUOYING Eco-Sopure Reusable Basket-Style Coffee Filter for high-quality coffee. The... Read more »
  • Pros and Cons of Coffee: Is It Worth Drinking in 2023?
    Coffee is one of the most universally beloved beverages due to its rich flavor and energizing caffeine boost. Although millions worldwide start their day with a cup of joe, there are some potential downsides. Coffee is still worth drinking in . If you drink in moderation, your daily cup of... Read more »
  • Starbucks Vanilla Latte: Here’s Everything You Need to Know
    The Starbucks vanilla latte – or blonde vanilla latte – is a simple but delicious menu item. It is made similarly to their regular latte, with four pumps of vanilla syrup for a sweeter flavor. The vanilla latte is a shot of espresso combined with frothed milk and vanilla syrup.... Read more »
  • Kopi Luwak Coffee Price (What You Need to Know!)
    One of the most expensive coffees in the world features coffee beans that begin in the stomach (and later, the excrement) of a tropical Asian mammal. Kopi luwak comes from coffee cherries hand-picked from the feces of the palm civet, a nocturnal, ferret-like creature. If you want to enjoy a... Read more »
  • Upside-Down Latte: What Is It & How Do You Make It at Home?
    Latte art can be so beautiful, but what's even more impressive is when that art is turned upside-down. A latte that's made to look like it's upside-down takes a bit of skill, but it's worth it for the unique and stunning final product. Read on to find out what upside-down... Read more »
  • How to Earn Stars at Starbucks (The Best and Easiest Ways)
    The Starbucks Rewards system is a loyalty program that lets customers earn points (called stars) towards future purchases just by doing something as simple as buying morning coffee. Free drinks, meals, and even licensed merchandise are easy to enjoy when all the stars you earn add up quickly over time.... Read more »

    Brian's Coffee Spot

  • Velo Coffee Roasters
    The final Coffee Spot from last October’s mid-American road trip is, appropriately enough, from our last stop, Chattanooga, before we arrived home that evening in Atlanta. Velo Coffee Roasters was on my original list of places to visit and I’d … Continue reading →... Read more »
  • Sump Coffee, Saint Louis
    Continuing the return leg of my mid-America road trip from October last year brings us to Saint Louis, which marks the mid-point of the journey. We actually called in at Blueprint Coffee on the way back, but since I’ve already … Continue reading →... Read more »
  • Coffea Roasterie and Espresso Bar, West Side
    The Coffee Spot gets another year underway by returning to my mid-America road trip from October last year and the first stop on our return leg, Coffea Roasterie and Espresso Bar in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Coffea has three locations, … Continue reading →... Read more »
  • Coffee Spot Awards 2022: Winners
    Happy New Year to all my followers old and new! As we get 2023 underway, here are the winners of the 11th annual Brian’s Coffee Spot Awards. As before, there are 20 Awards, celebrating all the wonderful Coffee Spots I … Continue reading →... Read more »
  • 2022 Awards – Most Popular Coffee Spot
    So, here it is, the final Coffee Spot Awards Shortlist for 2022, the only one that you, my readers, decide. It’s the “Most Popular Coffee Spot” Award, which is based on the total number of views received by each Coffee … Continue reading →... Read more »
  • 2022 Awards – Brian’s Coffee Spot Special Award
    Welcome to the penultimate Coffee Spot Awards Shortlist for 2022, the Brian’s Coffee Spot Special Award, which was won last year by The Hideaway. This is a special award for those Coffee Spots which don’t quite fit into the other … Continue reading →... Read more »
  • 2022 Awards – Most Passionate About Coffee
    Welcome to the next Coffee Spot Awards Shortlist for 2022, the “Most Passionate About Coffee” Award, which was won in 2021 by Sam’s Coffee. For me, this is one of the most important awards, and also one of the hardest … Continue reading →... Read more »
  • 2022 Awards – Best Breakfast
    We enter the final day of the 2022 Coffee Spot Awards shortlists with the “Best Breakfast” Award, which in 2021 went to Little Yellow Pig, Nantwich. Along with cake, breakfast has a special place in my heart. It used to … Continue reading →... Read more »
  • 2022 Awards – Happiest Staff
    The final shortlist of the day is for another of my favourite Coffee Spot Awards, that of “Coffee Spot with the Happiest Staff”, won last year by Coffee Notes. In my opinion, staff are probably the most over-looked part of … Continue reading →... Read more »
  • 2022 Awards – Best Physical Space
    Next up today, the 2022 Coffee Spot Award shortlist for “Best Physical Space”, which was won last year by Medicine New Street. One of the most important things for me is how a Coffee Spot looks and feels. This, to … Continue reading →... Read more »

    Coffee Loving Cardmakers!

  • Caffeine Fueled Paper Play – Coffee and You Winter Mug
    Hello!  Welcome back!  Today I’ve got a fun caffeinated Valentine for you using the fabulous Winter Mug and Valentine Add On from Pretty Pink Posh! You’ve probably been seeing a lot of this mug around and if you thought I wasn’t going to make sure one of these ended up... Read more »
  • Coffee Break Monday with Mary – You Are Purr-fect
    Happy Monday and welcome back! Are you a cat person or a dog person? Honestly, I am both. I really love having a pet to come home to and to cuddle with when it is cold outside. Currently, the only pet we have is my daughter’s cat, Mr. Darcy. Isn’t... Read more »
  • Second Cup Sunday – Love Ya a Latte
    Hello and welcome, it’s Angie here today with a clean and simple card for the latest Second Cup Sunday.  I used Super Sponsor Your Next Stamp’s Piercing Circles to create the focal point and then added a few stickers from my stash to the center.  Next I added a strip... Read more »
  • hello friend
    Hello, Erin here for another Creative Chaos with a nice clean CAS coffee mini slimline card.  I paired the MFT coffee die with a sentiment from Pigment Craft Co and die by Pink Fresh Studio.  I’m excited to spend the day skiing and then making Valentine’s Day cards with my... Read more »
  • Caffeine Fueled Paper Play – LTTS Doodles!
    Welcome back!  It’s the 1st of the month and today I have a card duo of sorts!  One here and it’s partner is over on the Caffeinated Christmas Card Challenge Blog!  I’ve used some digis from this month’s CCCC sponsor, LTTS Doodles! This Sweet Yeti set stole my “heart” when... Read more »
  • Snow Angel Coffee Card
    Hello there, Christine here with an interactive coffee card that uses products from Super Sponsors Ellen Hutson and Trinity Stamps.  I used items from the recent Ellen Hutson winter release, the Snow Angel stamp & die set. First I die cut Trini-tea Cup Card die set out of different colored cardstock- first... Read more »
  • Saturday Coffee Cafe – I’ll Drink To That!
    Happy Saturday and welcome to the Cafe!  I’m so glad you stopped in today to see what’s brewin’… I started drinking coffee in my late teens.  There was always a pot of coffee on the stove (yes, those good ‘ole peculator types) and practically everyone I knew drank coffee!  Whenever... Read more »
  • Brew & Craft Your Stash – Stickers & Tape #4
    Hello Coffee Lovers!! It’s time for Brew & Craft Your Stash! We are looking for inspiration from Paper Crafters’ Handmade Cards and Card Creations for Him! Both are from 2013! So grab your cup and settle in! Today we are looking at Paper Crafters’ Handmade Cards. We have made it... Read more »
  • Coffee + Cards | Tea & Honey Duo
    Are you Team Coffee or Team Tea?  Maybe both?  In the morning, I drink coffee.  I wish I could drink it ‘black’ like I can my tea. When Super Sponsor The Greetery came out with their Dried Citrus Slices Die, I was too late to buy it, it sold out. ... Read more »
  • Tuesdays Perfect Blend-Hey there
    Hi y’all! Happy Tuesday and welcome back to another Tuesdays Perfect Blend! Are you ready for today’s blend?! I used quite the mix of Super Sponsors for this card…A Jillian Vance Design, Kat Scrappiness, Concord & 9th, Altenew, and a touch of Trinity Stamps. So without further ado, here is... Read more »

    Pure Coffee Blog

  • Little Key Coffee
    Part of the Fill in the Coffee Map SeriesSubject: Little Key CoffeeLocation: Hightstown, NJWiFi?: yesRating: 6+ [see key]Hightstown might be the first town that I put on my list of places to visit solely for coffee purposes. The year was back in the early 2000s and I had a good... Read more »
  • Grounded Coffee
    Part of the Fill in the Coffee Map SeriesSubject: Grounded CoffeeLocation: Newport News, VAWiFi?: yesRating: 6+ [see key]It is always fun visiting friends, especially when they live in an area that always seems to have a new coffee shop. On my most recent foray to the Williamsburg area, I was... Read more »
  • Thank You Thank You
    Part of the Fill in the Coffee Map SeriesSubject: Thank You Thank You Coffee BrewersLocation: Philadelphia, PAWiFi?: yesRating: 6+ [see key]Jewelers' Row has not been one of my frequent stops in Philly, mainly because I buy very few gems (my wife does not allow me to buy her jewelry anymore),... Read more »
  • I.M. Coffee
    Part of the Fill in the Coffee Map SeriesSubject: I.M. CoffeeLocation: Wilmington, DEWiFi?: yesRating: 6+ [see key]Coffee shops and tall buildings are meant to exist in a natural symbiosis, one where tenants have easy access to great coffee, yet sadly so many skyscrapers exist without a great cafe within stones... Read more »
  • The Breeches Cafe
    Part of the Fill in the Coffee Map SeriesSubject: The Breeches Cafe at Allenberry ResortLocation visited: Boiling Springs, PAWiFi?: yesRating: 5+ [see key]I am always struck with how much of Pennsylvania I still have yet to visit. I literally try to take a different route each time I traverse the... Read more »
  • Brown Dog Cafe
    Part of the Fill in the Coffee Map SeriesSubject: Brown Dog CafeLocation visited: Audubon, NJWiFi?: yesRating: 5+ [see key]It is never easy to hear about long-standing coffeehouses closing their doors, but when I heard of the Treehouse, formerly of Collingswood and then in Audubon, had shut its doors, it hit... Read more »
  • Coalescence Coffee Co.
    Part of the Fill in the Coffee Map SeriesSubject: Coalescence Coffee Co.Location visited: Norfolk, VAWiFi?: yesRating: 6+ [see key]It's not frequent I get to Norfolk, but every time I do pass through, I manage to find a new coffee operation to visit. My most recent visit, I was able to... Read more »
  • The Cracked Pot Coffee Shop
    Part of the Fill in the Coffee Map SeriesSubject: The Cracked Pot Coffee ShopLocation visited: Mechanicsburg, PAWiFi?: yesRating: 5+ [see key]A giant stand-alone coffee shop with plenty of parking is not a common sight, but occasionally one appears on the horizon. The latest one I found in my travels was... Read more »
  • Stay Golden
    Part of the Fill in the Coffee Map SeriesSubject: Stay Golden Restaurant and RoasteryLocation visited: Nashville, TNWiFi?: yesRating: 6+ [see key]A solid breakfast with a good cup of coffee is one of the greatest joys of life, and yet so often hard to find. Good breakfast joints still rarely do... Read more »
  • Sleeping Bird Coffee
    Part of the Fill in the Coffee Map SeriesSubject: Sleeping Bird CoffeeLocation visited: Wilmington, DEWiFi?: yesRating: 6+ [see key]I remember the first time I saw a coffee truck back some ten or so years ago. It was like a fresh, new horizon rising before me, and I thought it would... Read more »
  • Cocoa Cinnamon / Little Waves Coffee Roasters
    Part of the Fill in the Coffee Map SeriesSubject: Cocoa Cinnamon / Little Waves Coffee RoasteryLocation visited: Chapel Hill Rd (Lakewood), Durham, NCWiFi?: yesRating: 6+ [see key]The worst time to get to a coffee shop is the last 15 minutes. The baristas are starting the closing process, most baked goods... Read more »
  • K Brew
    Part of the Fill in the Coffee Map SeriesSubject: K BrewLocation visited: Ebenezer Rd, Knoxville, TNWiFi?: yesRating: 6+ [see key]I have been to Tennessee a dozen times in my younger days, but in that count, for some reason I never stopped in Knoxville. This mostly resulted from a ridiculous time... Read more »
  • Bald Guy Brew
    Part of the Fill in the Coffee Map SeriesSubject: Bald Guy Brew Location visited: Blowing Rock, NCWiFi?: yesRating: 5+ [see key]I never really explored much of North Carolina's mountains save a brief trip to Asheville when I was a teenager. Oddly enough, it took nearly two decades to awaken a desire... Read more »
  • Crimson
    Part of the Fill in the Coffee Map SeriesSubject: CrimsonLocation visited: Easton Town Center, Columbus, OHWiFi?: yesRating: 6+ [see key]Sometimes a company will wish to rebrand or redo their image. This process is one fraught with peril, as the change can confuse people at best and drive them away at... Read more »